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Urban Hunting on Beefback.

The 'beef is actually horse meat' story got me thinking over the weekend. Everyone cussing the fact that we have been sampling horse lasagne for years. Well, you buy shit cheap food without any real thought for the animal and what do you expect? Greed will always get the better of people in corporations. Then I started to think about the forgotten man in all of this , the actual cow. I should think quite a few innocent cows slaughtered for their meat will end up being killed for nothing. I'm not animal rights or anything or a veggie for that matter, but the whole thing stinks. So, I thought I'd let the cow have some fun and stick him under a huntsman....


Then the 'fox bites thumb off urban girl' story hits.... Well lets add a fox to the picture and make it tick both boxes.


So, as you can see, I have the picture brewing in my mind and then start chatting to a very good friend and regular hunt attendee about the twin stories over our regular 11am coffee break. He makes a very good point... If those in the cities want rid of an urban fox then firstly get rid of the food sources for them and then secondly send in the hounds! Bam... the final part of the puzzle is complete, add London skyline... and thus we have 'Urban Hunting on Beefback.'

Enquiries then email Syd below:


I can do probably 5 of these maximum using the stencils and canvases i have... each will be totally unique artworks. Made in the shed and signed on the reverse. £80 each, delivery should be about £7 if you're in the UK.