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Upfest 2015 Europes Biggest Street Art & Graffiti Festival - Bristol


Very pleased to make my Upfest debut in July 2015. Bristol being a hot bed of street art and Upfest being Europes biggest street art festival. Gulp.


Only two years earlier I stumbled upon Upfest after market trading at the Tobacco Factory while the event was ongoing and watched a few artists freehanding some great murals as I sold a few very early stencil shed artworks to the eager and fantatical street art loving festival goers. I guess this was all part of the evolution of my style i use now for painting outdoors and I probably wouldnt have been invited to paint if I was still stencilling in the street. You may have heard of some bloke called Banksy that seems to have cornered the market in stencil work?


My painting spot as a newbie was at South Street Park on the boards with around 100 other artists and I bagged a nice 26ft by 8ft spot. Its always a challenge to get the composition looking good when painting a long horizontal area so I stuck to my strengths blowing up a large version of my ever popular gorillas on stonehenge artwork and adding a nice close up image of a handsome gorilla and a rugged neanderthal man.


The weather was forecast to be armageddon on the Sunday so I think most artists knuckled down to work on the Saturday and completed their work well in advance. Indeed South Street Park was closed to the public on the Sunday due to mud so really pleased to have finished early. Very competitive to get noticed but really pleased to findthe mural got a key placement in the 'Bristol Whats On' magazine review.


Also great to get a few pieces sold via the Upfest Gallery. Cant wait for Upfest 2016, hoping to bag my very own wall for the event!

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