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Up North Fest - Urban / Street Art Festival 2013

It was a great pleasure to travel 300 miles or so to Sunderland to take part in 2013's UpNorth Fest - The spin off from the Bristol Urban Arts Festival Upfest. Thankful to the succesful kickstarter backers (you know who you are) who helped pay for paint and a bed during my weekend away I went armed with a few nice stencils and a ton of paint.


I had a set of three steel shutters to paint but over the course of the weekend I ended up hitting three sites in total. Meeting lots of nice graffiti writers along the way. Big ups to Frank Styles, Kiwi PDD, Nesbit and Elliot in particular. A few choice photos below.

photo-693 stencil shed syd day one upnorthfest

Trying to look like Batmans Bane bad guy on the morning of the first day. Left one steel shutter clean

after deciding to use the reflection in my piece.

final piece close up stencil shed up north fest

Proud of the final piece. Plenty of depth, lots of stuff going on. Sympathetic to the surfaces used. I even managed to give myself a hair implant. Thanks go out again to my kickstater backers.

syd visual head mash up north fest jackdaw pub the burton arms sunderland nesbit and elliot collaboration

Managed to sneak in this collaboration with Nesbit One and Elliott in the last few hours of daylight on Sunday before speeding home in bullish mood.

Taking my life into serious jeopardy by

spraying this Jackdaw onto the inner

walls of the Burton Arms with

Kiwi PDD as my partner in crime.


Its defo not

a magpie the emblem of Newcastle United

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