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The Sydstine Chapel - 72 hour ceiling blitz

On May 29th 2013 I set to work on my most ambitious project to date. It took Michelangelo 4 years to paint the Sistine Chapel my aim was to paint the Sydstine chapel in just 3 days from zero to full installation. Why? Well my competitive urges got the better of me during the 'Shed of the Year' competiion 2013 and I always find people respond to effort with effort, or in this case support via casting votes for my shed. Also, the ceiling had bugged me for a while, the art gallery section of my shed needed something extra special to lift it into the realms of  'complete bonkers' . You can see the 'making of' photos right at the bottom of this page. I had about 6 hours sleep over the three days. READ ABOUT IT IN THE LOCAL NEWSPAPER HERE



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8 sydstine chapel full view 9 sydstine and damien hirst 10 roof details 1 11 roof details 2

The finished Sydstine Chapel. What better place to drink cider, talk art and gaze up at the subliminal messages and stories my analysis of this great renaissance artwork

The Formaldershed now guards the entrance to the Sydstine chapel, Damien Hirsts work is done. I love the contrast between the two iconic artwork of different eras.

Some brief analysis. God parting the waters for Moses with a no entry sign.


Michelangelos David in Formalderhyde, Michelangelo always considered himself a sculptor not a painter and was 'forced' into painting the Sistine - his incased most famous sculpture symbolises that.


God creating Adam, but Gods hand is actually ET's finger.... a playful questioning of the bible, and its right over the bar - symbolising the creative jucies that sometimes get stirred up by cider.

'The temptation of Adam and Steve' .... as in Steve Jobs. The apple tree now the famous logo, I own 2 iphones and ipad and a MacBook, HELP ME!


The creation of Adam, gods flying on a brain, thus looking at science v faith.

10 roof panels wilco

A shed artwork of the Sistine chapel cannot be complete without a portrait of the shed god himself, Uncle Wilco the creator of readersheds.

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