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R2 D2 Spray Can Mural - The Force Awakens Launch


I love star wars first and foremost. Childhood memories of this incredibly creative world are a big part of my youth, I guess it was the first film that truely inspired me. So when I got wind about the launch date for the new film release on December 17th the grey brain cells went into overdrive. A previous indoor piece I designed a year ago fitted the bill perfectly. The hologram of Princess Leia in a new hope made me think of spraypaint, then I applied the 'what if' formulae, shrunk R2 down and made him into a wee graffiti style spray can. Its my art 100%, you can tell by the hand, as its all mine :)


Phase 2 was finding a good spot, I hit a few dead ends including a space in Birmingham and a possible barn near me, then I chanced across the World War II aircraft hangor rented by M4 karting in Hullavington near my home town of Malmesbury. After a small amount of convincing the owner (I still dont know his name) allowed me to paint my design in a small corner (20ft is small on this hanger!) thats overlooked by the A429 road.


My best murals come out when I am under pressure and have total creative freedom. Bad weather conditions meant I got my foot to the pedal and smashed my R2 D2 Spray can out in four hours flat. The detail in all honesty could be tighter but with the launch of the Star Wars Force Awakens film the next day timing was crucial.


After a quick photo session involving my parents both in there 70's the image was taken, then time to post up on the social networks. What happend next has blown and continues to blow me away. Literally MILLIONS of views likes and shares accross instagram, twitter and facebook. WOW! (dated 9pm  17th December). I guess the whole world is in love with star wars as much as me after all.



r2 spray can second edition r2 spray can v1

You can buy your very own Second Edition of my R2 D2 spray can direct via my website I aim to make and sell 10 more. 5 have been earmarked for the Underdog Gallery in London for the Art Awakens show. They are £50 for a piece that has now literally toured the globe. Click here to view in the shop or click the image :)