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From Shed to Shop

Hot topic in Malmesbury, possibly the hottest. Development. Nothing is for sale in the Stencil Shed pop up shops, yet everyhting is FREE.


Lots of stakeholders with lots of different views, opinions, needs and wants. Greedy developers hovering like vultures (good idea for a stencil!) ready to pounce on the UK's oldest and most beaitiful borough ready to build another Milton Keynes given half the chance. I find it odd to see lots of redundant buildings in the centre of the town yet we want to build all over the outskirts. Hence my idea to convert what we have into something we can at least have a bit of fun with for a few days.


The shops featured HMV, Comet and Blockbuster are defunct high street business models once succesful, changing markets have killed them as they failed to change. I guess the point here is that change is inevitable and if you dont change you'll die... (also fits quite nicely with the stencil sheds motto of always trying to use redundant and recycled materials for its artworks) . I seriously hope the councils Malmesbury Neighbourhood Plan works and keeps more people happy than pissed off.


Update: 15th March... Well the Installation has fired peoples imaginations, provoked thought, debate, outrage, and lots of laughs. 99% positive with a dissenting voice shouting loudly from a position of power. Its been featured in three newspapers, the BBC website and BBC Radio... so far. All for three signs that took a day and little artistic skill compared to my other attempts at art. Its a funny old game.

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Syd on the BBC Wireless

Malmesbury Councillor Simon Killanes 8 minute Rant