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City of Colours Street Art Festival Birmingham - Tortoise


Stumbled upon the City of Colours Kickstarter campaign in January 2014 (big up to Becci and Karl!), backed it and ended up being allocated this monster wall to paint in one day. I guess ignorance is bliss, bagged a painting spot next to Snub23 and was greeted with lots of 'exotic' smells on arrival into the Rainbow arena. The initial conversation with Snub ended with a short lesson in how to spray paint by the great man. I guess a few warning bells started to sound as I was reduced to mild panic in finally realising the scale of the days painting task as the 20,000 or so crowds began to arrive, GULP!


My wife arrived to 'sell from the back of the van' and she reckons I was just this absurd mess of a man covered in sweat and paint and not making sense with my sentences! I'm hoping that this was all down to the adrenalin as the piece started to emerge at around 4pm as something I actually quite liked. To this day I really dont know how I quite did it on time, but my body told me for the next week due to the aches and pains of jumping around and hauling a scaffold tower.


Even better was the fact it was well liked by festival goers and was judged to be one of the 'stand out' pieces of the festival with a feature on the acclaimed instagrafite (on instagram) and the number 1 photos slot on Birminghams time out magazine, (clips below)

I made 12 stencilled versions of the Destiny of Species based on the 20ft original freehand piece. I have 2 left at time of this web page creation available in the shop here: DESTINY OF SPECIES

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